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Bazan Consulting, Inc. provides consulting services for well stimulation design, post-job evaluation, well performance analysis, on-site fracture supervision and training. We specialize in hydraulic fracture analysis of tight gas, coalbed methane and unconventional shale reservoirs working with geology, completion and reservoir engineering teams to deliver project goals. We have worked on international projects including acid fracturing, produced water reinjection and coal mine methane degas, but more recently on North American unconventional reservoirs. Our typical workflow methodology focuses on multi-stage/multi-cluster horizontal well completion design, minifrac diagnostics, technology data integration, rock mechanics and reservoir leakoff descriptions, planar and complex fracture modeling, production history matching and economic optimization for stage size, cluster and well spacing. Recent unconventional shale projects have focused in the Utica/Point Pleasant, Marcellus, Eagle Ford, Wolfcamp and Duvernay plays. Our workflows, internal tools and technical research allow us to innovate and contribute to industry on topics such as fracture complexity, cluster contribution and performance, and multiple technology data integration methods.

Additionally, our team offers experienced on-site fracture supervision for vertical and horizontal multi-stage/multi-well pad fracture treatments. In today's high efficiency operational environment, experienced field supervision and pre- and post-job quality control skills are critical, but equally so, is the ability, and procedures, needed to manage the large amounts of digital data generated and tracking Key Performance Indicators. KPI's help the client define and measure stimulation and completion efficiency goals and BCI believes capturing and reporting this data in a meaningful way at the field level is critical to client success.

Bazan Consulting is pleased to be recognized as an industry expert in the use and training of the Meyer fracturing software suite. Our team has been providing training for all the applications in the Meyer package for several years and worked closely with the founder and development team in the past. We work with clients to develop best practices for their specific use of the software and develop meaningful solution workflows using their own datasets.